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第六部分 完形填空(共四篇)


New Ideas

  Iceland's President Olafur Grimsson is trying to drive carbon dioxide1 underground to 1 its release into the air.

  Over the next two years, a team of scientists will try to 2 carbon dioxide-charged water2 into the rock underground. Scientist theory says this should work3. The CO2 will react with the rock to form a stable mineral that remains in the 3 for millions of years.

  If the experiment succeeds, Iceland could give the world a new 4 to reduce CO2 emissions.

  Sigurdur Gislason, a university professor in Iceland, says his country has an 5 over other countries: "We have enormous amounts of clean 6 and a small society. You can do experiments here that you can't do anywhere else."

  In an attempt to cut back on the use of air conditioners during summer, the Japanese government in 2005 7 a campaign to keep office temperatures at 28°C degrees in summer. Men were also encouraged to change business suits for 8 wear. In other words, no more ties.

  "The 9 is meant to show the government's resolve to achieve Japan's target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 6 percent," said Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda. The 10 has cut an estimated 79,000 tons of carbon dioxide gas emissions each year.

  As the country's 2005 Energy Policy Act 11 into force this year, more

  Americans will be encouraged to use 12 cars and energy sources.

  According to the new law, those who buy hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius can earn tax credits; or rebates, of 13 to $2,600 a year. Homemakers can also save when they renovate, claiming tax rebates 14 up to $500 simply by fitting their homes with energy-saving insulation. If they. 15 in solar water heating, the payoff at tax time is equal to 30 percent of the appliance's cost or a maximum of $2,000.


  dioxide n.二氧化物

  greenhouse n.温室

  hybrid adj.混合

  homemaker n.主妇

  rebate n.退款

  insulation n.绝缘


  1. carbon dioxide二氧化碳

  2.carbon dioxide.charged water充满了二氧化碳的水

  3.Scientist theory says this should work.科学家的理论说这样做应该行得通。work是“行得通”或“有效的”意思。


  1 A) reduce B) narrow C) interrupt D) interfere

  2 A) spread B) splash C) inject D) flow

  3 A) air B) rock C) water D) soil

  4 A) era B) period C) page D) way

  5 A) merit B) benefit C) profit D) advantage

  6 A) oil B) energy C) gas D) solar-power

  7 A) mounted B) called C) opened D) held

  8 A) decent B) formal C) casual D) fashionable

  9 A) pledge B) move C) promise D) statement

  l0 A) campaign B) war C) activity D) move

  ll A) makes B) takes C) bring D) comes

  12 A) fast B) cheap C) expensive D) environment-friendly

  13 A) under B) up C) on D) from

  14 A) putting B) worth C) building D) buying

  15 A) spend B) give C) invest D) donate


  1.A “reduce its release”是“减排”。整个句子说的是:冰岛总统Olafur Grimsson为了减少二氧化氮排放到大气中正试图把它们注入地下。

  2.C 整个句子说的是:在未来的两年里,一组科学家将尝试把充满了二氧化氮的水注入到岩石层。“inject…into…”是“把……注入到……”。

  3.B 前面出现了“the rock ground”,因此填“rock”。整个句子说的是:二氧化氮跟岩石相互作用会形成一种稳定的矿物质,在岩石中可以呆上几百万年。

  4.D 选项“era”、“period”和“page”很有迷惑性,但它们要求的动词是不一样的。如可以说“usher in anew era”(开创了一个新纪元)等。

  5.D 由于不定冠词“an”发音的关系要求后面的名词的起始音是元音。


  7.C 本段讲为了在夏天减少使用空调日本政府在2005年发起了一场夏天办公室的温度保持在摄氏28度的运动。“mounted a campaign”是“发动了一场运动”的意思,也可说“launched a campaign”。

  8.C “business suites”是“公务服”。“公务服”比较正式,往往指“西服”。穿西服当然会很热。因此“decent”(像样的)和“formal” (正式的)不可能是合适的选择。“fashionable”(时髦的)衣服本身并没有说清楚是否凉快。因此正确地选择是“casual”(随便的)。

  9.B 日本政府已经发起了一场运动,因此这不是一种“保证”(pledge)、“许诺”(promise) 或“声明”(statement)。所以唯一合适的选择是“行动”(move)。整个句子说的是:所采取的行动是表明政府为了达到日本减排6%的温室气体的目标的决心。

  10.A “campaign”和“move”前面都出现过,似乎都可以。这两个词在前面出现时的语境是“a campaign”和“the move”。注意:用不定冠词说明是新信息,用定冠词或代词说明是旧信息。一种信息第二次出现时就是旧信息,因此“campaign”第二次出现时可以说“the campaign”,也可以用“it”:由于“move”本来就是指“campaign”的,本来就是信息,再次出现时,应用“it”比“the move”跟好些。

  11.D “come into force”是“生效”的意思,是固定的说法。词是需要一个个记的。一种固定的说法,它的意义就相当于一个词的意义,因此也需要死记硬背。

  12.D “environment.friendly”是“对环境不造成太多问题的”意思。整个句子说的是:随着国家的2005年的能源政策法令在今年生效,这必将鼓励更多的美国人使用对环境不会造成太多影响的车和能源。

  13.B “up to$2,600 a year”是“一年最多可达到2,600美元”。

  14.B “worth up to$500”是“最多值500美元。

  15.C “spend”需要有宾语,所以不合适。

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