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职称英语考试学习笔记 [八]

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  第八讲: 词汇练习


  1. The child was seriously _________ in the accident.

  A. damaged B injured C ill D bad

  2. The cyclist was ________ his bicycle.

  A hit off B knocked off C knocked down D hit down

  3. Road accidents are a ________ cause of deaths.

  A major B great C large D important

  4. There was a _______ accident at his junction last week.

  A lethal B deadly C fatal D deathly

  5. More than 400 children ________ on the roads in 1988.

  A were dead B dead C killed D were killed

  6. I was on the motorway when my car ________ petrol.

  A ran down B ran off C killed D were killed

  7. The car ________ on the motorway.

  A broke B broke down C broke up D broke in

  8. He drove across the junction, although the ________were red.

  A lamps B indicatiors C signs D lights

  9. My motorcycle was very badly ________ in the accident.

  A broken B injured C damaged D hurt

  10. This is not a busy road - the traffic is very ________.

  A small B light C little D few

  11. The ________ of the train were full. there was nowhere to sit.

  A waggons B carts C carriages D platform

  12. The 8.15 for London will leave from________ nine.

  A pavement B place C gate D platform

  13. I was ________him for losing the key.

  A annoyed B annoying C annoyed with D annoying with

  14. I bumped into John in the ______ of the train.


  1. His picture was in the leading newspapers of the country.

  A popular B important C funny D guiding

  2. He is so busy that he can hardly afford a day away from work.

  A waste B pay C spend D offer

  3. If you have any complaint, please see the manager.

  A protest B criticism C suggestion D fault

  4. If observations confirmed the scientists‘ prediction, the theory is supported.

  A finished B adjusted C investigated D upheld

  5. History is thus used to justify and support national ideals and institutions.

  A explain B assist C establish D judge

  6. Early in life she chose nursing as her vocation.

  A future B hobby C leisure pursuit D profession

  7. The initial step is often the most difficult.

  A first B last C longest D quickest

  8. Your complaint must be made through the proper channels.

  A effects B background C means D relations

  9. I could easily identify him among the crowd because he was wearing long hair.

  A prove B define C claim D r***gnize

  10. The newspaper had a remarkable influence in rural areas.

  A significant B discussible C remote D uneven

  11. The duty of a soldier is to defend his country.

  A. resist B assure C guard D contribute

  12. The revised proposals were debated.

  A distasteful B rejected C unclear D amended

  13. As the rubber business declined in south America, Brazil turned to the production of coffee.

  A was prosperous B failed C was on an incline D was kept back

  14. If you want to do the job, you must conquer your fear of heights.

  A oppose B fight C hide D overcome

  15. That new device can regulate the amount of oil that goes into the truck.

  A reduce B relate C control D process

  16. We would much appreciate it if you could do us a favor.

  A enjoy B be surprised by C be astonished by D be thankful for

  17. I hope you have left none of your belongings in the hotel.

  A document. B possessions C children D clothes

  18. New duties were imposed on wines and spirits.

  A removed B cut C charged D checked

  19. The readers always ask what the author‘s basic motives are.

  A talents B intentions C themes D symbols.

  20. Computers will flourish because they enable us to accomplish tasks that could never before have been undertaken.

  A implement B render C complete D assign

  21. We want to know his family background.

  A relationships B members C troubles C income

  22. The mail was delayed for tow days because of the snow-storm.

  A held in B held up C held down D held off

  23. She gave up her job to look after her invalid mother.

  A quitted B lost C paused D retired

  24. Do you need anybody to assist you in your work?

  A inform B aid C direct D instruct

  25. Of the reptile groups, thesnake group was the final one to appear.

  A. last B best C ugliest D longest

  26. The room was filled with the scent of flowers.

  A atmosphere B pot C feature D odor

  27. He comprehends the theory of relativity.

  A teaches B learns C investigates D understands

  28. We propose to furnish our own house according to our own taste.

  A display B fix C paint D d***rate

  29. In that organization, they place emphasis on helping one another and on cooperation.

  A hopes B pressure C stress D demands

  30. For a beauty competition you need a pretty face and a good figure.

  A fashion B frame C shape D shade

  31. Our public transportation is not sufficient for the need of the people in our major cities.

  A excessive B additional C efficient D adequate

  32. We should be cautious in crossing a crowded street.

  A careful B intelligent C quiet D weary

  33. We made a deliberate decision to live apart for a while.

  A apparent B international C partial C mechanical

  34. The child asked numerous questions.

  A complex B considerable C complicated D considerate

  35. My letter of inquiry brought no response.

  A impression B reply C explanation D charge

  36. All my life I have tried to be an honest man.

  A slender B single C silent D sincere

  37. A reasonable price is a moderate one, not too expensive.

  A fair B false C fast D fatal

  38. I don‘t think I’m acquainted with the situation.

  A concerned over B informed about C worried about D good at

  39. It makes sure that he is well taken care of.

  A guarantees B forces C hopes D finds

  40. The protestors handed out leaflets describing their grievances.

  A. exchanged B deleted C distributed D proved

  41. How did that ***nomic policy evolve?

  A operate B succeed C fail D develop

  42. The company r***mmended that a new petrol station be built here.

  A ordered B insisted C suggested D demanded

  43. What he implied was that you didn‘t tell the truth.

  A communicated B suggested C resolved D restricted

  44. It is impossible for parents to shield their children from every danger.

  A free B relieve C conserve D protect

  45. He made a great show of reluctance, but finally accepted my offer.

  A emotion B unwillingness C anger D postpone

  46. When will you set off on your vacation.

  A plan B decide about C come back from D begin

  47. The cars travelled 200 miles a day.

  A came B covered C gone D walked

  48. It‘s almost impossible to forecast the future development of a very young child.

  A present B propose C prove D predict

  49. Don‘t get upset about trivial matters.

  A unexpected B unusual C unimportant D uncertain

  50. The regents discussed the various candidates at length.

  A from time to time B in detail C in line D one by one


  1. B 2. D 3. B 4. D 5. A 6. D 7. A 8. C 9.D 10. A

  11.C 12.D 13.C 14.D 15.C 16.D 17.B 18.C 19.B 20.C

  21.A 22.B 23.A 24.B 25.A 26.D 27.D 28.D 29.C 30.C

  31.D 32.A 33.B 34.B 35.B 36.D 37.A 38.B 39.A 40.C

  41.D 42.C 43.B 44.D 45.B 46.D 47.B 48. D 49.C 50B

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