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  1.I have been trying to quit  smoking.

  A.give up B.pick up C.build up D.take up

  2.Relief workers  were shocked by what they saw.

  A.moved B.touched C.surprised D.worried

  3.The weather is a constant subject  of conversation in Britain.

  A.question B.problem C.title D.topic

  4.This is not typical  of English,but is a feature of the Chinese language.

  A.particular B.characteristic C.remarkable D.idiomatic

  5.It is virtually impossible to persuade him to apply for the job.

  A.simply B.almost C.totally D.completely

  6.These are defensive behavior patterns  which derive  from our fears.

  A.stem B.rely C.develop D.grow

  7.Only a small minority of the mentally ill are liable to harm themselves or others.

  A.easy B.possible C.likely D.difficult

  8.They have the capability  to destroy the enemy in a few days.

  A.possibility B.necessity C.ability D.probability

  9.We have never seen such gorgeous hills.

  A.beautiful B.stretching C.spreading D.rolling

  10.The leaves have been swept into huge heaps.

  A.loads B.layers C.pyramids D.piles

  11.The news will horrify everyone.

  A.attract B.terrify C.tempt D.excite

  12.The article sketched the major events of the decade.

  A.described B.offered C.outlined D.presented

  13.I won't tolerate that kind of behavior.

  A.bear B.receive C.admit D.take

  14.Their style of playing football is utterly different.

  A.barely B.scarcely C.hardly D.totally

  15.Her sister urged her to apply for the job.

  A.advised B.caused C.forced D.promised


Black Holes

  Most scientists agree that black holes exist but are nearly impossible to locate.A black hole in the universe is not a solid object,like a planet,but it is shaped like a sphere (球体).Astronomers(天文学家)think that at the center of a black hole there is a single point in space with infinite(无限的)density(稠密).This single point is called a singularity (奇点).If the singularity theory is correct,it means that when a massive star collapses,all the material in it disappears into the singularity.The center of a black hole would not really be a hole at all,but an infinitely dense point.Anything that crosses the black hole is pulled in by its great gravity.

  Although black holes do exist,they are difficult to observe.These are the reasons.

  ● No light or anything else comes out of black holes.As a result,they are invisible to a telescope.

  ● In astronomical terms,black holes are truly.For example,a black hole formed by the collapse of a giant star would have an event horizon(视界)only 18 miles across.

  ● The nearest black holes would be dozens of light years away from Earth.One light year is about 6 trillion(万亿)miles.Even the most powerful telescopes could not pick out an object so small at such a great distance.

  In 1994 the Hubble Space Telescope provided evidence that black holes exist.There are still answers to be found,however,so black holes remain one of the mysteries of the universe.

  16.Black holes are part of space.

  A.Right  B.Wrong  C.Not mentioned

  17.Black holes exist but are difficult to observe.

  A.Right  B.Wrong  C.Not mentioned

  18.The center of a black hole is empty.

  A.Right  B.Wrong  C.Not mentioned

  19.The attraction of two large stars leads to gravity.

  A.Right  B.Wrong  C.Not mentioned

  20.The sun is the heaviest star in the universe.

  A.Right  B.Wrong  C.Not mentioned

  21.The nearest black holes are hundreds of light years away from us.

  A.Right  B.Wrong  C.Not mentioned

  22.The Hubble Space Telescope helps scientists to understand the nature of the universe.

  A.Right  B.Wrong  C.Not mentioned


Memory Test

  1"I am going to give you five techniques that will enable you to remember anything you need to know at school,"promised lecturer lan Robinson to a hundred schoolchildren.He slapped his hand down on the table."When I've finished in two hours' time,your work will be far more effective and productive.Anyone not interested,leave now."The entire room sat still.

  2Robinson calls himself the Mind Magician (魔术师).He specializes in doing magic tricks that look totally impossible,and then he  reveals that they involve nothing more mysterious than good old-fashioned trickery (骗术)."I have always  been interested in tricks involving  memory-being able to reel off (一口气 说出) the order of cards in a pack,that sort of thing,"he  explains.

  3Robinson was already  lecturing to schools on his magic techniques when it struck him that students might find memory techniques even more valuable."It wasn't difficult area to move inot,as the stuff's all there in books."So he summarized everything to make a two-hour lecture about five techniques.

  4"You want to learn a list of a hundred things?A thousand?No problem,"says Robinson.The scandal is that every child is not taught the techniques from the beginning of their school life.The schoolchildren who were watching him thought it was brilliant."I wish I'd  been told this earlier,"commented Mark,after Robinson had shown them how to construct"mental journeys".

  5Essentially,you visualize (想象) a walk down a street,or a trip round a room,and pick the points where you will put the things you want to remember-the lamppost,the fruit bowl.Then in each location you put a visual representation of your list-phrasal verbs,historical dates,whatever-making them as strange as possible.It is that simple,and it works.

  6The reaction of schools has been uniformly enthusiastic."The pupils benefited enormously from lan's presentation,"says Dr Johnston,head of the school where Robinson was speaking."ldeally we should run a regular class in  memory techniques so pupils can pick it up gradually."

  23.Paragraph 2     .
  24.Paragraph 3     .
  25.Paragraph 4     .
  26.Paragraph 5     .
  A Good results
  B An ancient skill
  C Gaining attention
  D Memory tricks
  E A lecture on memory techniques
  F Ways to improve  memory

  27.The memory techniques used are no more complex than the old.
  28.Robinson taught children to use"mental journeys"to improve.
  29.Robinson told the pupils that all the memory techniques could be found in.
  30.The schoolchildren got a lot from the magician's.
  A books
  B lecture
  C tricks
  D facts
  E memory




Renewable Energy Sources

  Today petroleum(石油)provides around 40% of the world's energy needs,mostly fuelling automobiles.Coal is still used,mostly in power stations,to cover one-quarter of our energy needs,but it is the least efficient,unhealthiest and most environmentally damaging fossil fuel(矿物燃料).Natural gas reserves could fill some of the gap from oil,but reserves of that will not last into the 22nd century either.Most experts predict we will exhaust easily accessible reserves within 50 years.Less-polluting renewable energy sources offer a more practical long-term energy solution."Renewable"refers to the fact that these resources are not used faster than they can be replaced.

  Hydroelectric(水力发电的)power is now the most common form of renewable energy,supplying around 20% of world electricity.China's Three Gorges Dam is the largest ever.At five times the size of the US's Hoover Dam,its 26 turbines(涡轮机)will generate the equivalent energy of 18 coal-fired power stations.It will satisfy 3% of China's entire electricity demand.

  In 2003,the first commercial power station to use tidal(潮汐的)currents in the open sea opened in Norway.It is designed like windmill(风车),but others take the form of turbines.

  As prices fall,wind power has become the fastest growing type of electricity generation-quadrupling(翻两番)worldwide between 1999 and 2005.Modern wind farms consist of turbines that generate electricity.Though it will be more expensive,there is more than enough wind to provide the world's entire energy needs.Wind farms come in onshore and offshore forms.They can often end up at spots of natural beauty,and are often unpopular with residents.And turbines are not totally harmless-they can interfere with radar,alter climate and kill sea birds.Scotland is building Europe's largest wind farm,which will power 200,000 homes.The UK's goal is to generate one-fifth of power from renewable sources,mainly wind,by 2020.But this may cause problems,because wind is unreliable.

  31.According to the passage,which of the following is the most polluting energy resource?
  C.Natural gas

  32.China's Three Gorges Dam
  A.is the first hydroelectric dam in the world.
  B.is of the same size as the US's Hoover Dam.
  C.can generate around 3% of world electricity.
  D.is the largest hydroelectric dam in the world.

  33.Which country took the lead in making use of tidal currents to produce power in 2003?
  A.The UK.
  D.The US.

  34.One of the problems with wind farms is that
  A.there is not enough wind.
  B.wind is not reliable.
  C.they can only be built on the sea.
  D.they might influence the world economy.

  35.According to the passage,resources like wind are



  A hurricane is a fiercely powerful,rotating(旋转的)form of tropical storm that can be 124 to 1,240 miles in diameter.The term hurricane is derived from Hurican,the name of a native American storm god.Hurricanes are typical of a calm central region of low pressure between 12 to 60 miles in diameter,known as the eye.They occur in tropical regions.Over its lifetime,one of these can  release as much energy as 10,000 nuclear bombs.

  The seed for hurricane formation is a cluster(聚集)of thunderstoms over warm tropical waters.Hurricanes can only form and be fed when the sea-surface temperature exceeds 27℃ and the surrounding atmosphere is calm.These requirements are met between June and November in the northern part of the world.

  Under these conditions,large quantities of water evaporate(蒸发)and condense(冷凝)into clouds and rain-releasing heat in the process.It is this heat energy,combined with the rotation of the Earth,that drives a hurricane.

  When the warm column of air from the sea surface first begins to rise,it causes an area of low pressure.This in turn creates wind as air is drawn into the area.This spinning wind drags up more moist air from the sea surface in a process that strengthens the storm.Cold air falls back to the ocean surface through the eye and on the outside of the storm.

  Initially,when wind speeds reach 23 miles per hour,these mild,wet and grey weather systems are known as depressions,or low air pressure.Hurricane Katrina formed in this way over the south-eastern Bahamas on 23 August 2005.Katrina has had a devastating impact on the Gulf Coast of the US,leaving a disaster zone of 90,000 square miles in its wake(尾迹)-almost the size of the UK.Thousands have been killed or injured and more than half a million people have become homeless in a humanitarian(人道主义的)crisis of a scale not seen in the US since the Great Depression.The cost of the damage may top $100 billion.

  36.The eye of a hurricane refers to its
  A.lower part.
  B.rotating part.
  C.calm central part.
  D.most violent part.

  37.Which of the following is NOT a "requirement"for the formation of a hurricane?
  A.Calm surrounding atmosphere.
  B.High air pressure.
  C.Warm sea-surface temperature.
  D.A group of thunderstorms over warm tropical waters.

  38.When the warm air from the sea surface begins to rise,it
  A.creates an area of low pressure.
  B.supplies cold air to the eye of a hurricane.
  C.increases the sea-surface temperature.
  D.strengthens the rotation of the earth.

  39.The word"impact"(paragragh 5)could be best replaced by

  40.Which of the following is NOT true of Hurricane Katrina according to the last paragraph?
  A.The area affected is almost as big as the UK.
  B.It has left a disaster zone of 90,000 square miles.
  C.Over half a million people have been forced to leave their homes.
  D.This crisis is more serious than that of the Great Depression.


Trying to Find a Parther

  One of the most striking findings of a recent poll  in the UK is that of the people inbterviewed,one in two believes that it is becoming more difficult to meet someone to start a family with.

  Why are many finding it increasingly difficult to start and sustain intimate relationships?Does modern life really make it harder to fall in love?Or are we making it harder for ourselves?

  It is certainly the case today that contemporary couples benefit in different ways from relationships.Women no longer rely upon partners for economic security or status.A man doesn't expect his spouse to be  in sole charge of running his household and raising his children.

  But perhaps the knowledge that we can live perfectly well without a partnership means  that it takes much more to persuade people to abandon their independence.

  In theory,finding a partner should be much simpler these days.Only a few generations ago,your choice of soulmate (心上人) was constrained(限制) by geography,social convention and family  tradition.Although it was never explicit,many marriages were essentially  arranged.

  Now those barriers have been broken down.You can approach a builder or a brain surgeon  in any bar in any city on any given evening.When the world is your oyster (牡蛎),you surely have a better chance of finding a pearl.

  But it seems that the old conventions have been replaced by an even tighter constraint:the tyranny of choice.

  The expectations of partners are inflated(提高) to an unmanageable degree:good looks,impressive salary,kind to grandmother,and right socks.There is no room for error in the first impression.

  We think that a relationship can be perfect.If it isn't,it is disposable.We work to protect ourselves against future heartache and don't put in the hard emotional labor needed to build a strong relationship.Of course,this is complicated by realities.The cost of housing and child-rearing creates pressure to have a stable income and career before a life partnership.

  41.What does the recent poll show?
  A.It is getting more difficult for a woman to find her husband.
  B.It is getting increasingly difficult to start a familyl.
  C.It is getting more difficult for a man to find his wife.
  D.It is  getting increasingly difficult to develop an intimate relationship with your spouse.

  42.Which of the following is NOT true about a contemporary married couple?
  A.The wife doesn't have to raise the children all by herself.
  B.The husband doesn't have to support the family all by himself.
  C.The wife is, no l, onger the only person to manage the household.
  D.They will receive a large sum of money from the govemment.

  43.Which of the following was NOT a constraint on one's choice of soulmate in the old days?
  A.The health condition of his or her grandmother.
  B.The geographical environment.
  C.The social convention.
  D.The family tradition.

  44.Which of the following is NOT expected of a partner according to this passage?
  A.Good looks.
  B.An impressive career.
  C.A high salary.
  D.A fine sense  of humor.

  45.The word"sustain"(paragraph 2)could be best replaced by


A Heroic Woman

  The whole of the United States cheered its latest hero,Ashley Smith,with the Federal Bureau of lnvestigation saying it was planning to give a big reward to her for having a brave heart and wise mind.

  (46)She was moving into her apartment in Atlanta,Georgia early on the morning of March 12,when a man followed her to her door and put a gun to her side."I started walking to my door,and I felt really,really afraid,"she said in a TV interview last week.The man was Brian Nichols,33.He was suspected of killing three people at an Atlanta courthouse(法院)on March 11 and later of killing a federal agent.(47)

  Nichols tied Smith up with tape,but released her after she repeatedly begged him not to take her life."I told him if he hurt me,my little girl wouldn't have a mummy,"she  said.In order to calm the man down,she read to him from"The Purpose-Driven Life",a best-selling religious book.He asked her to repeat a paragraph"about what you thought your purpose in life was-what talents were you given."(48)

  "I basically just talked to him and tried to gain his trust,"Smith said.

  Smith said she asked Nichols why he chose her."He said he thought I was an angel sent from God,and we were Christian sister and brogher,"she said."And that he was lost,and that God led him to me to tell him that he had hurt a lot of peopole."(49)She said Nichols was surprised when she made him breakfast and that the two of them watched television coverage(报道)of the police hunt for him."I cannot believe that's me,"Nichols told the woman.Then,Nichols asked Smith what she thought he should do.She said,"I think you should turn yourself in.If you don't,lots more people are going to get hurt."

  Eventually,he let her go.(50)A US$60,000 reward had been posted for Nichols' capture.Authorities said they did not yet know if Smith would be eligible(有资格的)for that money.

  A The local police were searching for him.
  B Smith is a 26-year-old single mother with a daughter.
  C Smith tried very hard to kill Nichols.
  D She even cooked breakfast for the man before he allowed her to leave.
  E And the two of them discussed this topic.
  F Then she called the police.


Walk a Quarter-Mile or Die

  If you can walk a quarter-mile,odds(可能性)are you have at least six years of life left in you,scientists say.And the faster you can(51)it,the longer you might live.

  While walking is no guarantee of(52)or longevity(长寿),a new study found that the ability of elderly people to do the quarter-mile was an"important determinant(决定因素)"in whether or not they'd be(53)six years later and how much illness and disability they would endure.

  "The(54)to complete this walk was a powerful predictor of health outcomes,"said study leader Anne Newman of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine."In fact,we(55)that the people who could not complete the walk were(56)an extremely high risk of later disability and death."

  Newman and colleagues recruited nearly 2,700 white and African-American men and women aged 70 to 79 to(57)the walk.All the participants were screened and  determined to be in relatively(58)health,and they had all said they had previously walked that far with no(59).Only 86 percent of them finished,(60).

  The scientists then monitored the health and mortality of all(61)for the next six years."There was a big gap in health outcomes(62)people who could complete the longer walk and people who could not,with the latter being at an extremely high(63)of becoming disabled or dying,"Newman said."What was really surprising is that these people were not(64)of how weak they actually were."

  Finishing times were found to be crucial,too.Those who completed the walk but were among the slowest 25 percent(65)three times greater risk of death than the speedier folks.


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