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  第1部分:词汇选项(第1~15题,每 题1分,共15分)


  1 She was close to success.

  A fast              B  quick

  C near              D  tight


  2 The two girls look alike.

  A beautiful         B  similar

  C pretty            D  attractive


  3 The boy is intelligent

  A clever            B  naughty

  C difficult         D  active


  4 Everybody was glad to see Mary back

  A sorry             B  sad

  C angry             D  happy


  5 What is your goal in life?

  A plan              B  aim

  C arrangement       D  idea


  6 Jack is a diligent student.

  A hardworking       B  ambitious

  C lazy              D  slow


  7 Mary said mildly, that she was just curious

  A gently            B  shyly

  C weakly            D  wildly


  8 Practically all animals communicate through sounds.

  A Clearly           B  Almost

  C Absolutely        D  Basically


  9 The story was very touching.

  A inspiring         B  boring

  C moving            D  absorbing


  10 I wasn't qualified for the job really, but I got it anyhow.

  A somehow           B anyway

  C anywhere          D somewhere


  11 She was a puzzle.

  A girl              B   woman

  C problem           D  mystery


  12 Her speciality is heart surgery.

  A region            B  site

  C field             D  platform


  13 France has kept intimate links with its former African territories.

  A friendly          B  private

  C strong            D  secret


  14 You should have blended the butter with the sugar thoroughly.

  A spread            B  mixed

  C beaten            D  covered


  15 The industrial revolution modified the whole structure of English society.
  A destroyed         B  broke
C smashed           D  changed


  下面的短文后列出了7个句子,请根据短文的内容对每个句子做出判断:如果该句提 供的是正确信息,请选择A;如果该句提供的是错误信息,请选择B;如果该句的信息文中没有提及,请选择C.

G8 Summit

  Leaders of the Group of Eight Major Industrialized Nations (G8) will meet in Scotland in July this year. Representatives from China, India, Mexico, South Africa and Brazil have also been invited. Here's what the G8 leaders want from the meeting.

  British Prime Minister Tony Blair wants the G8 to cancel debt to the world's poorest countries. He wants them to double aid to Africa to 50 billion pounds by 2010. He has also proposed reducing subsidies to Western farmers and removing restrictions on African exports. This has not got the approval of all members because it will hurt their agricultural interests. On climate change, Blair wants concerted (共同的) action by reducing carbon emissions (排放)。

  US President George W. Bush agrees to give help to Africa. But he says he doesn't like the idea of increasing aid to countries as 'it will increase corruption. Bush said he would not sign an agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions at the summit, according to media. The US is the only G8 member not to have signed the Kyoto Protocol (京都议定书)。 Although the US is the world's biggest polluter, Bush so far refuses to believe there is sufficient scientific data to establish beyond a doubt that there is a problem.

French President Jacques Chirac supports Blair on Africa and climate change. He is determined to get the US to sign the climate change deal.
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder remains doubtful of Blair's Africa proposals. Schroder's officials have dismissed the notion that money will solve Africa's problems as "old thinking." Berlin says that African states should only receive extra money if they can prove they've solved the corruption problem.

  Russian President Vladimir Putin was doubtful about the value of more aid to Africa. But he has seen a way to make this work to his advantage. Putin intends to use the aid to Africa as a springboard (跳板) next year to propose aid to the former Soviet republics of Georgia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Moldova.

  Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's priorities are a seat on the UN Security Council, for which he will be lobbying (游说) at the summit. And he's concerned about the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's nuclear weapons programme.

  16 The G8 countries include China, India, Mexico, South Africa and Brazil.

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  17 Blair hopes that the G8 countries will work together to reduce carbon emissions

  A Right 13 Wrong C Not mentioned

  18 India has accepted the invitation to attend the G8 meeting

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  19 Bush agrees to increase aid to Africa.

  A Right 13 Wrong C Not mentioned

  20 Chirac takes a stand similar to Blair's on Africa and climate change.

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  21 According to media, Bush will sign the Kyoto Protocol at the summit

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  22 Japan will reject Blair's proposal to increase aid to Africa

  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned

  第3部分:概括大意与完成句子(第23~30题,每 题1分,共8分)


60th Anniversary Ceremony in Moscow

  1 With thousands of soldiers and war veterans parading across Moscow's Red Square

and fighter jets screaming overhead, Russia celebrated the 60th anniversary of defeating Nazi Germany. More than 50 world leaders, including China's President Hu Jintao, attended the ceremony.

  2 Speaking at the start of the parade, Russia's President Vladimir Putin praised all those who fought for freedom and independence. "The war shows that resorting to force to solve problems will result in tragedy for the world, so a peaceful order should be safeguarded (护卫) based on security, justice and cultural exchange," Putin said. "Faced with the real threat of terrorism today, we must remain faithful to the memory of our fathers. It is our duty to defend a world order based on security and justice and on a new culture of relations among nations that will not allow a repeat of any war, neither 'cold' nor 'hot'," he continued.

  3 The Second World War is perhaps the most catastrophic (灾难性的) event that mankind has ever suffered. The war affected 80 per cent of the world's people at that time, from 61 countries, and claimed 55 million lives.

  4 After the celebration, President Hu said that peace, development and cooperation were the future. "China will unswervingly (坚定地) follow the road of peace and development and will make a joint effort with all nations to contribute to safeguarding world peace and promoting development," he said.

  5 German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder asked Russia for forgiveness for the suffering Germany inflicted (造成) during the Second World War in an article in Sunday's Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper. "Today we ask forgiveness for the suffering inflicted upon the Russian people and other peoples at the hands of Germans and in the name of Germans," Schroeder said.

  6 President Hu and the other leaders also joined a wreath (花圈) laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers on Monday.

  23 Paragraph 2      .      

  24 Paragraph 3      .      

  25 Paragraph 4      .      

  26 Paragraph 5      .      

  A Pacific war

  B Gloomy world

  C Putin's commemorating speech

  D China's determination

  E Schroeder's plea for forgiveness

  F World's worst disaster


  27 Russia celebrated      .

  28 World War Two deprived      .

  29 China pledges herself to follow      .

  30 The world leaders finally attended      .

  A an opening ceremony

  B 61 countries

  C a wreath laying ceremony

  D the 60th anniversary of its victory over Nazi Germany

  E the road of peace and development

  F 55 million people of their lives



  第一篇 Too Late to Regret It

When I was a junior, I met a second-year student in my department. He wasn't tall or good-looking, but he was very nice, attractive and athletic. He had something that I admired very much. He was natural, warm, and sincere.

  I disregarded (不顾) my parents' disapproval. We were very happy together. He picked me up from my dorm every morning, and after class we would sit alongside the stream that ran through campus, or sunbathe (晒太阳) on the lawn. At night he would walk me back to my dorm. He came from a poor family, but in order to make me happy, he borrowed money from his friend to buy presents and meals for me. Our fellow students looked up to him as a role model, and the girls envied (妒忌) me. He wasn't a local, but wanted to stay here after graduation. I thought we had a future together.

  However, when I got a part-time job during the summer vacation, people began giving me a lot of pressure, saying that a pretty, intelligent girl like me should find a better guy to spend time with. This was also what my family thought. He spent the summer in his hometown, so I was all by myself. When he got back, I began finding fault with him. But his big heart and warmth soon drove all unpleasant thoughts away. However, I had no idea how badly I had hurt him and that things would get worse.

  I had a good part-time job off campus that paid pretty well. With my good performance at school, I also got admission to graduate school at one of China's best universities. He, on the other hand, did not do so well at school or at work. I had to worry about his living expenses, job and scores.

  Almost all my colleagues and friends advised me to break up with him. Then we had a quarrel last June. He was in great pain, and my cold words and bad moods started turning him away.

  Graduation time was drawing near, and he said he wanted to go back to his hometown. He said that he couldn't put up with me anymore. I was shocked and looked at him in despair.

  True love happens only once, but I found it out too late.

  31 When did the author fall in love with the boy?

  A After she had a quarrel with him,

  B When she was a junior.

  C When she was a second-year student.

  D After she found a part-time job.

  32 What did he do to make her happy?

  A He studied much harder.

  B He often took her for a ride.

  C He always endured her insults.

  D He often bought her presents and meals.

  33 Who advised her to break up with him?

  A His parents.

  B Her teachers.

  C Her colleagues and friends.

  D Their fellow students.

  34 Why did he leave her?

  A Because he could no longer bear her.

  B Because he hated her.

  C Because his parents needed taking care of.

  D Because he wasn't a local.

  35 Upon learning that he would leave her, she was

  A very happy.

  B extremely joyful.

  C quite relieved.

  D in great pain.

  第二篇  Mother Knows Best?

  Once while being prepped (准备) for a television interview, I was chatting with the host about stay-at-home fathers. I made the point that one reason we're seeing more stay-at-home dads may be that it's no longer a given (假定的事实) that a man makes more money than his wife. Many families now take earning power into account when deciding which parent will stay home.

At that point, one of the male crew members commented, almost to himself but loud enough for my benefit, "It should be the better parent who stays home." A lot of guys say things like that. Usually it's a code for, "My wife, (read: any woman) is the better parent."

  I was a stay-at-home father for eight years, so his declaration made me bristle (激动)。 It implied that our family's choice could only have been correct if I was a "better" parent than my wife.

I suppose an argument could have been made that when I began staying home my wife was the "better" parent: She I-Dad spent more time with Ry, could read him better and calm him more quickly. And given a choice, he'd have picked her over me. But as she was the more employable one, my wife went out to work and I looked after our son.

  Because of the increased time I spent with him, I soon knew Ry well, understood what he needed and could look after him more or less as well as my wife could. Actually, the experience helped me unlock one of the world's great secrets: Women are good at looking after children because they do it. It's not because of any innate (先天的) female aptitude (天资) or a mother's instinct. It's because they put in the time and attention required to become good at the job.

  Women obviously get a biological head start from giving birth and nursing, but over the long term experience is more important. When I got the experience myself, I was good, too. As good? I don't know. Who cares? Children are not made of glass. Other people are capable of looking after them besides Morn.

  36 Which of the following does the first paragraph imply?
  A Men like staying at home.

  B The author works at a TV station.

  C In more and more families the wife is earning more than the husband

  D The husband is the better parent.

  37 The author decided to stay at home to look after their son eight years ago because

  A he thought he was the better parent.

  B he was too lazy to work.

  C their son Ry liked him better.

  D he was less likely to find a job than his wife.

  38 Which of the following is NOT mentioned or implied in the passage?

  A Good parents should spend sufficient time with their children.

  B Good parents should take their children to school.

  C Good parents should read stories to their children.

  D Good parents should be able to calm their children down.

  39 Women are good at taking care of children because

  A they devote much of their time and attention to them.

  B they want to stay at home.

  C they were born with this ability.

  D they learned to do it at school.

  40 What does the author conclude?

  A He is better than his wife at taking care of children.

  B A child prefers to stay with his/her father.

  C A man can take good care of children if he gets the experience

  D A child prefers to stay with his/her mother.

  第三篇 Is the Tie a Necessity?

Ties, or neckties, have been a symbol of politeness and elegance in Britain for centuries. But the casual Prime Minister Tony Blair has problems with them. Reports suggest that even the civil servants may stop wearing ties. So, are the famously formal British really going to abandon the neckties?
Maybe. Last week, the UK's Cabinet Secretary Andrew Turnbull openly welcomed a tieless era. He hinted that civil servants would soon be free of the costliest 12 inches of fabric that most men ever buy in their lives.

  In fact, Blair showed this attitude when he had his first guests to a cocktail party. Many of them were celebrities (知名人士) without ties, which would have been unimaginable even in the recent past.

For some more conservative British, the tie is a must for proper appearance. Earlier, Labor leader Jim Callaghan said he would have died rather than have his children seen in public without a tie. For people like Callaghan, the tie was a sign of being complete, of showing respect. Men were supposed to wear a tie when going to church, to work in the office, to a party-almost even social occasion.
But today, people have begun to accept a casual style even for formal occasions.

  The origin of the tie is tricky. It started as something called simply a "band". The term could mean anything around a man's neck. It appeared in finer ways in the 1630s. Frenchmen showed a love of this particular fashion statement. Their neckwear (颈饰) impressed Charles II, the king of England who was exiled (流放) to France at that time. When he returned to England in 1660, he brought this new fashion item along with him.

  It wasn't, however, until the late 18th century that fancy young men introduced a more colorful, flowing piece of cloth that eventually became known as the tie. Then, clubs military institutions and schools began to use colored and patterned ties to indicate the wearer's membership in the late 19th century. After that, the tie became a necessary item of clothing for British gentlemen.
  But now, even gentlemen are getting tired of ties. Anyway, the day feels a bit easier when you wake up without having to decide which tie suits you and your mood.
  41 The tie symbolizes all of the following except

  A respect.

  B elegance,

  C politeness.

  D democracy.

  42 Why does Blair sometimes show up in a formal event without a tie?

  A Because he wants to make a show.

  B Because he wants to attract attention.

  C Because ties are costly.

  D Because he wants to live in a casual way.

  43 Which of the following is NOT a social occasion?

  A Going to church,

  B Going to work in the office.

  C Staying at home.

  D Going to a party,

  44 Who brought the Frenchmen's neckwear to Britain?

  A Tony Blair,

  B Charles II.

  C Jim Callaghan,

  D Andrew Turnbull.

  45 When did British gentlemen begin to wear ties regularly?

  A After the late 19th century.

  B In the 1630s.

  C In 1660.

  D In the late 18th century.



Female Bullfighting
  It was a unique, eye-catching sight: an attractive, woman in a shiny bullfighter's suit, sword in hand, facing the sharp horns of a black, 500-kilogram beast.

  Most people thought the days of female bullfighting were over in Spain(46)

  The first woman fighter, Cristina Sanchez, quit in 1999 because of male discrimination (歧视)。 But Vega is determined to break into what could be Spain's most resistant male field(47)

  Spanish women have conquered almost all male professions.(48) "The bull does not ask for your identity card," she said in an interview a few years ago. She insisted that she be judged for her skills rather than her femaleness.

  Vega became a matador (斗牛士) in 1997 in the southwestern city of Caceres.(49) She entered a bullfighting school in Malaga at age nine and performed her first major bullfight at age 14. She has faced as much opposition as Sanchez did. And the "difficulties have made her grow into a very strong bullfighter," her brother Jorge says.

  The 1.68-metre tall and somewhat shy Vega says her love of bullfighting does not make her any less of a woman     (50)

  A She intends to become even better than Sanchez was.

  B Her father was an aspiring (有雄心壮志的) bullfighter.

  C But many bullfighting professionals continue to insist that women do not have hat it takes to perform the country's "national show".

  D " I'm a woman from head to toe and proud of it," she once said

  E She looks like a male bullfighter.

  F But recently, 29-year-old Mari Paz Vega became the second woman in Spanish history to fight against those heavy animals.



  Child Consultants

  These days, "what do you want to do when you grow up?" is the wrong question to ask children in the USA. The     (51) should be: "what job are you doing now?" American companies are employing more and more young people as consultants to evaluate products for child(52)。The 12-to-19(53) group spends more than $100 billion a year in the USA. Specialist agencies have been created to help manufaqturers ask kids about all the latest trends in clothes, food and(54) markets. One(55), Teenage Research Unlimited, has panels (评判小组) of teenagers who give their verdict (裁决) on products(56) jeans (牛仔裤)。Another company, Doyle Research Associated, holds two-hour sessions in a room (57)the "imaginarium (想象室)。" Children are encouraged to play games to get(58) a creative mood. They have to write down any ideas that(59) into their heads.

  Some manufacturers prefer to do their own(60)research. The software company Microsoft runs a weekly "Kid's Council" at its headquarters in Seattle,(61)a panel of school children give their verdict on the(62) products and suggest new ones. One 11-year-old, Andrew Cooledge, told them that they should make more computer games which would appeal equally(63) boys and girls. Payments for the work are increasingly attractive. Andrew Cooledge was paid $250 and given some software (64),even if their ideas are valuable, the children will never make a fortune. They cannot have the copyright to their ideas. These are not jobs they can hold for long they are too old.(65) their mid-teens they can be told that they are too old.

51 A sentence B word C answer D question

  52 A employees B labourors C consumers D employers

  53 A age B year C time D generation

  54 A the B another C other D others

  55 A school B firm C store D college

  56 A as B like C of D with

  57 A called B calls C calling D call

  58 A into B out of C along with D over

  59 A happen B come C occur D fall

  60 A science B creation C production D market

  61 A there B here C where D which

  62 A last B late C later D latest

  63 A to B for C with D on

  64 A Therefore B However C Besides D Otherwise

  65 A Above B On C By D Over

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